Aimez-Vous Avec Ferveur, MoMA

Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), New York.
Window installation commissioned by MoMA.
An a.v.a.f. and Shoplifter collaboration.

Aimez-Vous Avec Ferveur was a collaboration with Brazilian artist Eli Sudbrack and the French Christoph Hamaide Pierson, filling the windows of The Modern, the restaurant in New York's MoMA, facing onto 53. Street. Commissioned especially for this location, the work filled several large windows – 8.5 x 4 m – with bright, iridescent colours that seemed to bubble up under the glass. In fact, the effect was produced by a swirling mass of coloured artificial hair, highlighted by neon lights. The three artists were exhibiting together at the Deitch Projects Project in Long Island when they were approached by MoMA representatives who wanted the work in place for the Garden Party in June, one of the highlights of MoMA's calendar each year.